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Kirkpatrick gets a hole-in-bun at British Bread Golf Open

Surrey-based charity, Creative Youth, raised some serious dough when it held the British Bread Golf Open on the River Thames at Kingston, Surrey. Supported by Scotland’s funkiest golf clothing brand, Royal & Awesome, the event saw members of the public donate £5 to charity and try to hit three dough balls into a floating golf hole, with the title of World Bread Golf champion up for grabs. And it raised almost £1000 for the charity.

And Ian Kirkpatrick used his loaf and struck his dough ball to victory to win the competition and become the first person to land a sizable chunk of his dough ball in the floating target.

He laughed: “I’ve been playing golf for about 15 years now and that’s the best shot I’ve ever hit, so I’m going to be using dough balls in the future.”

Royal & Awesome’s brand director, Graeme Smeaton, said: “We’re delighted to have been a part of such a fun and memorable day and always keen to get involved in eccentric charitable golf projects – and it doesn’t get much more bizarre than swapping golf balls for dough.”

Robin Hutchinson, part of the event organising team from State of Seething and chair of the charity Creative Youth, organiser of IYAF, added: “It was a fantastic day and we’re absolutely thrilled with the turnout. All the proceeds went to Creative Youth, which organises the International Youth Arts Festival that takes place in Kingston.

“Some 23,000 young people have participated so far and what we really want to do is engage with young people so they feel they can fulfil their dreams. With the success of British Bread Golf Open, we’re one step closer to that goal.”

Royal & Awesome has been manufacturing its eye-catching apparel since 2012 and, in that time, has established itself as Britain’s brightest, funkiest, loudest brand. Its market-leading ‘Awesomes’ – the range of iconic trousers – were inspired by the heritage and history of the sport in the birthplace of golf and were designed to add a touch of fun and colour on the fairways.

The range also includes shirts, shorts, hats and plus-twos, as well as women’s trousers, shorts and skorts, all in dazzling designs, and all ‘perfect for the pars and the bars’.

This year, the iconic range is enhanced by two new, patriotic designs: Trew Brit and Pars & Stripes. The colours of red, white and blue allow British golfers and their colonial cousins to display national pride up and down the fairways.