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Awesome Events

We love to get involved with fun and charitable golfing events so if you have anything on the horizon that you think would be Awesome for us to get involved in, please contact [email protected] with some details about your event. Any extra information on the format of the day, the number of players you are expecting, what charity you are supporting etc would be really useful.

To give you a bit of an idea as to how we could help support your event here are some examples of how we have previously got involved with charity events:

For smaller scale events (80 - 100 players) we have provided a pair of Awesomes for somebody prominent to wear at the event, as well as another pair of trews to use as a prize. This is what we did with ‘Save the Children’ and they thought it was a good way to make their event that little bit more Awesome!

Save the Children Event

For larger scale events (100+ players), we have provided Royal & Awesome gear at heavily reduced prices which the charity could then sell onto participants, with the difference going to the charity. We did this with ‘Par for the Cure’ and they thought it was a great success and raised loads of money for a great cause.

Par For the Cure 1 Par For the Cure 3

So just drop us an email and we will get back to you with how we think we can help support your event and make it that little bit more Awesome