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Size Guide


Our trousers and shorts range from 30 to 38 inch waists in even sizes. All shorts are regular length. Trousers either come in 30 (short), 32 (regular) or 34 (long) inch leg. Check the drop down menu on each product page to see what we have in stock.

All that said, a 34 inch waist from one brand might fit but a 34 from the next brand doesn’t. To make sure our trousers are the size you expect we have put ours right in the middle of this mix of sizes. So here is our guidance to help you buy Royal & Awesome

  • If you are usually a 34 – buy a 34. Hopefully you are following so far
  • If you are usually a 33 – buy a 34. So far so good
  • If you are sometimes a 32 and sometimes a 34 – buy a 34. Clever, huh?
  • If you are usually a 36 – don’t buy a 34, they’ll be too small. Instead buy a 36.
  • So in summary, if you are in any doubt go one size larger. You can always use a belt


Our trousers and shorts are available from UK size 6 to size 18 and skorts from US 2 to 14.

But we all know different brands do different sizes, so we’ve tried to make things as easy as possible. Each of our beautiful styles (pants, shorts and skorts) has their own size guide which explains how to measure yourself and then which size to get. If in doubt get the bigger size and if really in doubt just guess and buy one then you can swap it if it doesn’t fit.


Royal & Awesome hats have a clever popper system that allows you to adjust the size of your hat. This means the same hat covers sizes from Small to XL.