Can I wear these on a golf course?

Royal & Awesome is from the linksland of Scotland, where it doesn’t get any more traditional; if we can wear them on these courses you’ll be fine anywhere. You might get some odd looks at the snootiest of clubs. However, that odd look is a complex blend of jealousy and admiration.

When would I wear these?

For any sort of golf - your annual golf tour, the corporate jolly, your club championship final or spending that ‘quality time’ with your father-in-law. Oh and maybe pub golf.

What size should I buy?

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There are specific size guides on the product page of every product. Just click on the 'Size Guide' tab under the 'Add to Basket' button; you'll find the necessary info there.

As you know, getting the right size trousers can be tricky; a 34 inch waist from one brand might fit but a 34 from the next brand doesn’t. To make sure our trousers are the size you expect we have put ours right in the middle of this mix of sizes. So here is our guidance to help you buy Royal & Awesome:

   If you are usually a 34 – buy a 34. Hopefully you are following so far
   If you are usually a 33 – buy a 34. So far so good
   If you are sometimes a 32 and sometimes a 34 – buy a 34. Clever, huh?
   If you are usually a 36 – don’t buy a 34, they’ll be too small. Instead buy a 36.

So in summary, if you are in any doubt go one size larger. You can always use a belt


Well, women’s sizes are even more complicated than men’s, but we are here to help. Each of our beautiful styles (pants, shorts and skorts) has their own size guide which explains how to measure yourself and then which size to get. If in doubt get the bigger size and if really in doubt just guess and buy one then you can swap it if it doesn’t fit.


These are one size fits all because of a clever popper system. We’ve tried these on lots of people and they have fit everyone so far.

Will they improve my golf?

Nah they’re just trousers, but your opponent will be so put off by jealously that you can’t fail to win.

Can I return my order?

In the very unlikely case that you are not 100% happy with your Royal & Awesomes, then return them unworn (we realize you might need to wear them once to try them on) and unwashed within 30 days for a full refund or a replacement. If you wish to return your Awesomes for any reason and they have not been used please see our returns page.

All returns are acknowledged by email and refunds will be credited to the original payment method. For obvious reasons we do not refund items that have been worn, washed or soiled.

How do I wash, dry and iron these?

You can machine wash our products at 40°C and it is best to wash colours separately. Ironing is also fine, apart from being a bit tedious. You can tumble dry them but this will result in slight shrinking (1/2 inch in the waist and 1 inch in the leg). They will return to the original size when ironed.

I live abroad, can I buy some?

No problem.

We're based in the UK and we have warehouses in the UK and USA (if you live in one of these countries, please use the flag at the top of this page to change to your country's Royal and Awesome site) but we don’t want to limit the fun so we also ship to Australia and Europe. Although it might cost a little more, we’ll make sure we get you your order! Let no one say Royal & Awesome are racialist, nationalist or sexualist – in fact we want to see who can take their Royal & Awesome farthest afield!

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