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Buying Guide – Men’s Golf Shorts


Let’s talk about all the things that you need to know when buying men’s golf shorts, so that you can look cool when it’s hot.  The first thing you need to know is that if you are planning on playing in Scotland you are either being very optimistic or you should head right to our buying guide for mens golf trousers. 

Dress Code:

Some golf clubs still have quite strict dress codes so it’s important to know what’s allowed and what’s not.  Alternatively, if the fun police at a golf club do tell you that the shorts you’re wearing don’t conform to their dress code, you can always just take them off and offer to play in your pants (change to underpants for USA).

The dress code usually stipulates that ‘tailored shorts’ must be worn.  These are defined as: “being made of chino style material with a conventional waistband, including belt loops, and conventional hip pockets (as opposed to cargo or patch pockets). Tailored shorts should be worn with the hem no more than 4” above or below the knee.”  So there you are; as long as they are the right length, right material, have pockets in the right place and crucially have loops for your belt, you can wear whatever awesome pattern you like!


When it comes to patterns, Royal & Awesome are quite far up the ‘funky’ scale.  Within our range we’ve got bright pink shorts, zebra shorts, bright tartans, awesome argyles and even some fireworks shorts.  If the thought of wearing these patterns in full-length trousers is too much for your nerves, then starting on shorts is a great way to test the reaction you get.  Think of the shorts as entry-level-awesome; just enough to get you hooked and bring you back for more.


There are limitless fabric compositions available on the market, all with slightly different properties and benefits; some are breathable, some UV protective, some easy iron, some water repellent, some probably carry your clubs for you.

Royal & Awesome golf shorts are 97% cotton and 3% spandex.  This makes them breathable, comfortable and look good.  Plus, as they have spandex in them you can claim you are working out while you wear them. 


The sizes of men’s golf shorts are usually defined by a waist measurement given in inches.

The easiest way to find out what size you are is to look at the label on your favourite pair of trousers or shorts and see what size they are.  If you can’t to this for whatever reason then you can find out your waist size by simply measuring around your waist (1 inch below your belly button). 

Royal & Awesome golf shorts range from a 30 inch waist to a 44 inch waist.

We have tried to make the Royal & Awesome sizes as consistent as possible with the industry norms. 

If you’re in any doubt or are between sizes then we recommend going for the larger size.  You can always wear a belt to take up any slack.

Price and Value:

Now it’s time to talk turkey.  Like every product category there is a huge range in the prices of different brands.  And like every other category, some of the difference is driven by genuine product differentiation and some is driven by marketing costs and positioning.

Royal & Awesome aim to be great quality and great value.  So that you can buy our shorts for those special fun golf occasions and be delighted by the product that you receive.  Every pair of Royal & Awesome bottoms also comes with a free bottle opener / golf tool, so that you’re fully equipped for the pars and the bars.


Until you touch a pair of shorts and try them on, you can never be 100% sure that they were the right buy for you.  So all Royal & Awesome products can be returned to us for a full refund as long as the tags are still on and the product is unsoiled – lovely!  


If you're all clued up on the golf shorts side of things, why not check out our buying guides for golf trousers and golf plus twos.