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Buying Guide – Mens Golf Trousers


On this page we aim to give you all the info that you need to make a fully informed purchase of your next pair of golf trousers. We’ll discuss the industry norms and how Royal & Awesome’s trousers fit into this landscape. If you have any additional questions then you can contact us by clicking here. If your question is ‘Am I over thinking this trouser purchase?’ then the answer is Yes.


Trousers sizes are defined by two measurements; one is the waist measurement and the other is the inside leg measurement. Usually both measurements are given in inches. Our trousers range from a 30 inch waist to a 44 inch waist and come in three choices of leg length; 30 inch (short), 32 inch (regular) and 34 inch (long). The easiest way to find out what size you are is to look at the label on your favourite pair of trousers and see what size they are. If you can’t to this for whatever reason then you can find out your waist size by simply measuring around your waist. The leg measurement goes from your crotch down the inside of your leg to where you want the bottom of your trousers to be.

We have tried to make the Royal & Awesome sizes as consistent as possible. For some reason not all brands do this! So if you measure your waist (one inch below your belly button) and you are 34 inches then you should buy 34 inch waist.

If you’re in any doubt or are between sizes then we recommend going for the larger size. You can always wear a belt to take up any slack.


There are lots of different cuts of trousers, including straight cut, boot cut, skinny fit, flared, pleated front etc. Royal & Awesome have a pretty standard fit; they have a straight leg and a flat front. There is a bit of room in the leg and bum area so that people with chunky thighs don’t accidently end up with skinny fit trousers. They’re basically a good sensible fit so that as many people as possible can enjoy what we’re famous for – amazing patterns.


You can buy trousers in just about every colour imaginable, from beige to brilliant. There are lots of patterns available too, including block colour, pin stripes, tartans, argyles, paisley and no doubt a whole host of others. Royal & Awesome takes some of the styles that are traditionally associated with golf trousers and adds a little bit of awesome. So we have tartan, argyles (diamonds) and one solid design, but all in awesomely bright colours.

Then we’ve got some designs that push the boundaries of crazy trousers a bit further – things like firework patterns, zebra print and shamrocks to name just a few.

The result is a nice spectrum from ‘traditionally awesome’ to ‘adventurously awesome’.


Again there are lots of options available as many trousers are made out of a blend of materials. In golf trousers there are generally two main categories; there are the synthetic material trousers (predominantly polyester) and the natural ones (predominantly cotton). There are benefits of both, for example synthetics can have added treatment like water resistant and they often require less ironing. Whereas, cotton trousers can be more comfortable and breathable and some would argue that they look better. It’s really down to personal preference.

Royal & Awesome are 97% cotton and 3% spandex. We’ve gone down the cotton route as we think style and comfort are the most important things. We’ve also added that little bit of spandex so that the trousers stretch a tiny bit as you move and bend.

Golf functions

Like a lot of golf trousers Royal & Awesome trousers have a tour slit. This is a small slit (about 1 inch) on the outside of the leg at the bottom of the trouser leg. The slit helps the trousers sit nicely on top of your golf shoes. Royal & Awesome trousers also come with two other golf specific treats; there are small loops of material just above one pocket that are perfect for holding your tees and each pair of trousers comes with a free divot tool and marker. We don’t want to brag but the divot tool doubles as a bottle opener too – perfect for the pars or the bars.


The trim are only little but like many little things, they can make all the difference. The trim refers to things like buttons, zips, linings, logos and labels. Ideally these elements should be good quality and complement the overall look of the trousers. The Royal & Awesome trim includes branded button and branded lining so that they are… good quality and complement the overall look of the trousers.


Now it’s time to talk turkey. Like every category of products there is a huge variety in the price that you can pay for different trouser brands. And like every other category, some of the difference is driven by genuine product differentiation and some is driven by marketing costs and positioning. Royal & Awesome aim to be great quality and great value. So that you can buy our trousers for those special fun golf occasions and be delighted by the product that you receive.


We maybe should have put this section first and it might have saved you some reading. Most retailers will allow you to return product that you don’t like, doesn’t fit or any other reason you care to give. You can return any of your Royal & Awesome purchases for a full refund.

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