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Royal & Awesome Pro-Shop Affiliate Scheme

Affiliate scheme banner

* Make 30% commission without ever touching stock *

* Make 5% commission on all sales from people you introduce to the Scheme *

No one knows your customers and members better than you.  So no one is better placed to know when they need Royal & Awesome in their life.

We want you to get all the benefit of helping us sell Royal & Awesome without any of the cost and work of handling stock.  Here’s how:

•Introduce your friends, customers, members to Royal & Awesome by showing them www.royalandawesome.co.uk or telling them where to find it.
•Give them your personal promo code (that we’ll give you) that gives them a 5% discount from our website.
•When they buy from our site and use your code, we pay you 30% commission on the sale.
•If you refer the scheme to another Pro you will also make 5% commission on all sales generated by them.


1.E-mail [email protected] to request a personalised promo code.  Give your name, shop name and preferred payment method.  If you were referred to the scheme by someone else give their name too.
2.Royal & Awesome will then provide you with your own personalised promo code that you can distribute to your customers.
3.At the end of each quarter we will pay you 30% of all sales made using your promo code and 5% of all sales made using codes of people referred by you.

Terms and Conditions:
•Promo codes must not be distributed on voucher code sites or blogs.  Any promo codes found on voucher code sites or blogs will be disabled and the Pro linked to that code will be removed from the scheme.
•This scheme must not be used to sell Royal & Awesome product on any other websites.  Anyone suspected of doing this will be removed from the scheme.
•Royal & Awesome reserves the right to end the scheme at any time.  All participants will be notified by e-mail and all outstanding commissions will be paid.