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Royal & Awesome kicks off partnership with UK FootGolf

Royal & Awesome kicks off partnership with UK FootGolf

Scotland’s most spectacular golf clothing brand, Royal & Awesome, has become the official clothing partner for UK FootGolf, the official governing body for FootGolf in the UK – a partnership sure to add some colour to the new craze sweeping across the UK.

Royal & Awesome – whose dazzling designs are already a regular feature on golf courses across the UK – will be providing prizes, competitions and giveaways to participants in the fast-growing sport, as well as participating in joint marketing activities with UK FootGolf to bring the game to new audiences.

FootGolf, which is already played in 22 countries, combines the best of football and golf and involves kicking a football round a golf course. The object of the game is to place the ball into the hole, using only your feet, in the lowest amount of shots possible – requiring power and precision in equal measure – and is, therefore, accessible to all. As in golf, the distance between tee and hole is flexible and may be adapted based on the size of the playing area.

The new partnership will also see UK FootGolf officials wearing Royal & Awesome clothing at key events, while the product range is available for competitors to purchase in the official online shop at www.ukfootgolf.com.

UK FootGolf has accelerated the growth of the game in the UK recently to the extent that, this year, there will be more than 75 UK ranking events held at 15 different venues across the country.

Kieran Lawry, operations manager at the organisation, said: “While FootGolf is competitive, it’s not taken as seriously as many people take their golf and there’s certainly no ‘crustiness’ about the sport. It’s all about fun and that fits in perfectly well with the Royal and Awesome ethos too. What’s more, we can still have teams playing in an ‘official strip’ given the extensive range the brand offers. It’s a partnership with great potential.”

Royal & Awesome brand director Graeme Smeaton said: “Royal & Awesome is a keen supporter of fun golf events, and we feel that FootGolf offers an opportunity for even more people to get into sport … and another chance to put on a pair of our trousers or shorts as they enjoy this great new game.”

Royal & Awesome recently supported the UK FootGolf Championship, held at Brentwood, in May, and its clothing range will also be appearing at the UK Classic, at Bridlington on June 7-8, and the UK International Open on August 9-10, in Manchester.

Royal & Awesome’s range of eye-catching golf trousers, shorts and hats is ‘perfect for the pars and the bars’. The brand also boasts a collection of plus-twos as well as women’s trousers, shorts and skorts in dazzling designs, complemented by a range of men’s and women’s shirts, socks and belts.

The ‘Awesomes’ – the brand’s range of brightly designed golf trousers – build on the wonderful heritage and history of golf in Scotland by adding a whole lot of fun and colour, and are guaranteed to make an impact on the course, the clubhouse or the corporate jolly. All of the ‘bottoms’ come with a free golf tool/bottle opener, which is a nod to their strap line of ‘for the pars and the bars’.