Exclusive! Made In Chelsea star is a Swinger

Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews looked ‘awesome’ when he turned up to help launch the exciting, pop-up Swingers golf event in Shoreditch last week .

The new venture, from the Institute of Competitive Socialising – designed to encourage competitive social crazy-golf in inner-city London – has partnered with golf’s brightest and funkiest UK golf clothing brand, Royal & Awesome, and Matthews, always keen to look stylish, was happy to don a cap to participate.

The two brands hope to take competitive socialising to a new level, forging a new frontier in the fun-loving, social side of golf, where good times and outrageously good fashion sense go hand in hand.

Swingers has transformed a 7,000sqft Shoreditch warehouse into an awesome nine-hole golf course, complete with clubhouse, and staff don the fabulous Royal & Awesome attire, offering drinks, award-winning street food, and, of course, crazy golf.

Swingers is the first campaign to be implemented by the Institute of Competitive Socialising, a company that believes life is a game – one that’s worth playing.

Josh Ford, the founder of Swingers, said: “We are really excited to be partnering with Royal & Awesome as the clothing partner of Swingers. Their amazing designs and style perfectly complement the fun and vibrant attitude of Swingers.”

Graeme Smeaton, brand director at Royal & Awesome, said: “We are thrilled to support such a fully immersive experience, and delighted we can add flair and style to the event with our ‘awesome’ clothes. Whether you’re a novice or an expert golfer, this venue will have everything you need for an exciting, competitive and, most importantly, social night out.”

Scotland-based Royal & Awesome has also agreed to provide prizes for the monthly Shoreditch Masters Competition.

Royal & Awesome’s eye-catching and outlandish range of golf trousers, shorts and hats are ‘perfect for the pars and the bars,’ making them a fitting counterpart to the Swingers motto, that the thrill of competition is better when it’s social.

The event opened on Thursday, September 25, and continues for three months.

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