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Press Releases: 4. Awesome solution to putter debate


As the world of golf seems set to be torn asunder by the debate raging about anchored putters, an innovative solution has been proposed by a clothing company based in the sport’s ancestral home.

Golf’s ruling bodies, the R&A and the US Golf Association (USGA), want to limit the use of belly and broom-handle putters, with the change likely to come into force from 2016.

But Scotland’s most spectacular golf clothing brand, Royal & Awesome, proposes that the game’s governing bodies should consider setting a maximum length for the putter. And, because people of different heights need different length putters, the fairest way to regulate the length would be to rule that it must not come higher than the player’s waistband.

Long putters have been used by many top professionals for the past 20 years and Royal & Awesome is already working on a pair of golf trousers that will enable players to keep using their extra-long putters.

Royal & Awesome brand director Graeme Smeaton said: “As you can see, our extra-long trousers are really quite something. It is a real shame that our big idea has come too late for the 90-day consultation process which ended on February 28. We shouldn’t have waited this long to propose our awesome solution”.

Royal & Awesome’s range of eye-catching golf trousers, shorts and hats are ‘perfect for the pars and the bars’. The brand has recently launched plus-twos as well as women’s pants, shorts and skorts in their dazzling designs, complemented by a range of men’s and women’s shirts, socks and belts.

The ‘Awesomes’ – the brand’s range of brightly designed golf trousers – build on the wonderful heritage and history of golf in Scotland by adding a whole lot of fun and colour, and are guaranteed to make an impact on the course, the clubhouse or the corporate jolly. All of their ‘bottoms’ come with a free golf tool/bottle opener, which is a nod to their strap line of ‘for the pars and the bars’.