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Scotland’s funkiest golf clothing brand, Royal & Awesome, has released its 2015 designs on its website.

The new lines were initially revealed on Facebook so the brand’s 150,000-plus followers were able to suggest names for the designs. And, in just a few days, it received more than 4,000 comments and suggestions for its five new trouser designs.

The new lines – ultimately named Trew Brit; Blue Plaid Trews; Back to the Fuchsia; Par-tee Pants; and Pars and Stripes – are now available to order on the brand's website

Brand director Graeme Smeaton said: “There is always lots of built-up demand for our new designs – many customers just can’t wait to get their hands on a pair of our ‘awesome new trews.’

“Our fan base continues to grow and the response to our new designs suggests that the fairways will be brighter than ever thanks to Royal & Awesome this season.

“The new lines have been designed with our customers’ feedback in mind and we are excited to see golfers strut their stuff in them on and off the course.”

The Trew Brit is a red, white and blue diamond design which incorporates the Union flag, while Pars and Stripes is a diagonal designs inspired by the US flag. The Blue Plaid Trews sports – as the name suggests – a blue plaid, while the Par-tee Pants are largely black but with streaks of vivid colour reminiscent of disco lights. And, finally, the Back to the Fuchsia is a traditional diamond-style pattern based on shades of pink.

Royal & Awesome has been manufacturing its eye-catching apparel since 2012 and, in that time, has established itself as Britain’s brightest brand.

Its market-leading ‘Awesomes’ – the range of iconic trousers – were inspired by the heritage and history of the sport in the birthplace of golf and were designed to add a touch of fun and colour on the fairways. The range also includes shirts, shorts, hats and plus-twos, as well as women’s trousers, shorts and skorts, all in dazzling designs, and all ‘perfect for the pars and the bars’.

Royal & Awesome is also one of the most active golf brands on social media with more than 150,000 Facebook fans and closing in on 2,000 Twitter followers.