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Morphlabs Costume Wizards - Thomas-DePetrillo

Thomas DePetrillo is a self taught master craftsman and costume designer. Starting as a child making Halloween costumes, he developed his passion as he grew older. For the past 18 years, he has made what he calls "Extreme Costumes". Costumes so elaborate, so involved, no other word covers them. Whether it is a 10 foot tall Donkey Kong, or a pair of Giant Rockem-Sockem Robots, including the mandatory head that pops off, Thomas has striven to push the boundaries of what is possible.

After winning all the local amateur Halloween costume contests, he started to travel to bigger venues such as New York, Boston, Ft Lauderdale, Chicago and Vegas. Wherever there was a contest Tom brought his A game, and more often than not came home with the prize.

He has won "Best in Show" at New York Comic Con. His success there brought him to the attention of GM and others, which has put him in a position where he can pursue his passion full time.

He has a 900 sq foot shop dedicated to making the impossible come to life. Thomas is proficient in many fields such as Tin Knocking, Sheet metal, Fiberglass, Heat molder plastics, Carpentry, Sewing, and Electronics. Whatever the job calls for, he has either self taught or found an instructor, and then worked at it until he was proficient.

While diverse, it all revolved around one basic thing - having an idea, making a design, then making that design real, and finally, taking that design out in the real world and showing it to thousands of people.

To date, Extreme Costumes (Tom’s costume company) has been on national TV 7 times featuring on shows such as Jay Leno, MTV, The Hub, The View, and Queen Latifa.

His work has over 110 million views on YouTube and he has performed in front of crowds in excess of 10,000 people live.