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Buying Guide – Ladies Golf Skort


Ladies golf skorts are the perfect product for combining the style of a skirt with the crotch privacy of shorts.  Essentially it is a skirt that has a small pair of shorts inside to protect the wearer’s modesty.  Shorts + Skirt = Skorts (for anyone interested, when words are mashed together like this it is called a portmanteau word – every day’s a school day.)



Royal & Awesome skorts sizes are the same as standard dress sizes.  If you’re not sure what size to get there is a size guide on each product page and some guidance on how to measure yourself.



Our skorts are opened and closed by a 7 inch zip down one side and a hook clasp at the top.  They have one pocket on each hip and above one of these pockets there are clever little loops for holding your tees.  As with all Royal & Awesome bottoms our skorts come with a free bottle opener / golf tool, so that you are always ready to celebrate or drown your sorrows.



Ladies golf skorts are available in a range of fun and funky patterns and Royal & Awesome are no exception.  Some of our designs take traditional golf patterns like tartans and argyles but then we add some awesome bright colours.  Others have really fun prints like fireworks, zebra skin and Hawaiian flowers. 



The outer section of Royal & Awesome skorts are 97% cotton and 3% spandex.  This makes them breathable, comfortable and look good.  Plus, the little bit of spandex gives a nice little bit of stretch.  The under shorts are really stretchy like gym shorts.



It’s always difficult to be 100% confident buying clothes online, which is why all Royal & Awesome products can be returned for a full refund.


We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about our skorts and portmanteau words.  Think of Royal & Awesome next time you’re wearing your skort, at a motel, eating your brunch and drinking a mocktail.